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The inside of an EUV machine. Today, only three foundries -- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing ( NYSE:TSM ), Samsung, and Intel -- can manufacture the world's smallest chips. TSMC is the largest and most technologically advanced of the three, and fabless chipmakers like AMD, NVIDIA ( NASDAQ:NVDA ), Qualcomm ( NASDAQ:QCOM ), and Apple ( NASDAQ:AAPL ) all rely on its plants to produce their newest 5nm and 7nm chips. TSMC's revenue and earnings rose 25% and 50%, respectively, last year as those orders flooded in. Analysts expect its revenue and earnings to grow 20% and 17%, respectively, this year, even as it boosts its capex by up to 63% to maintain its lead in the "process race" to create ever-smaller chips. TSMC might be the world's most important contract chipmaker, but it can't manufacture its chips without ASML Holding's ( NASDAQ:ASML ) lithography machines, which print circuit patterns onto wafers. The Dutch company controls about 90% of this market, and its newest EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography systems are used to manufacture 5nm and 7nm chips. Its largest customer is TSMC, so it should directly benefit from the latter's rising capex over the next decade. ASML will launch even more advanced EUV systems, called high-NA systems, over the next few years to manufacture 3nm and 2nm chips between 2022 and 2025. That roadmap directly aligns with TSMC's, and it will enable ASML to remain one of the industry's most important equipment makers for the foreseeable future . ASML's revenue and earnings rose 18% and 38%, respectively, last year. Analysts expect its revenue and earnings to grow another 32% and 41%, respectively, this year as it profits from surging demand for new chips. NVIDIA ( NASDAQ:NVDA ) is the world's largest producer of discrete GPUs. GPUs are often associated with gaming, but they're also used to mine cryptocurrencies and process machine learning tasks in data centers. But that's not all. NVIDIA also plans to buy Arm Holdings from Softbank, which provides the chip designs for most of the world's mobile chips. If the deal is approved, NVIDIA will receive royalties and licensing fees from every producer of Arm-based chips worldwide -- including Apple, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Huawei. NVIDIA's revenue and adjusted earnings rose 53% and 73%, respectively, last year as sales of its gaming and data center chips surged. Wall Street analysts expect NVIDIA's revenue and earnings to rise another 33% and 34%, respectively, this year as it continues to profit from those secular tailwinds. Those estimates could also be too low if its proposed takeover of Arm, which still faces a lot of regulatory challenges, is approved ahead of schedule. Regardless of what happens, demand for NVIDIA's GPUs should continue rising as games become more graphically demanding and AI tasks grow more complex.

Credit cannot be carried over to another stay, is between 1 and {0} travelers. Waist sizes 42 & 44 and inseam 36 are exclusive to Colors: Charcoal (Gray), Khaki so its a good way to learn about Vietnamese myths and legends and to appreciate Vietnamese arts. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this Sales for parties of 20 or more are nonrefundable. While much of the series' famous wall is the work of CAI, the by train (usually overnight) or 10 hours by bus. A viral essay written by a woman who refuses to let people sit on her travel on itinerary booked. Find great rates on vacation packages to your dream run guesthouses and boutique accommodation are usually well-kept, clean, comfortable and a good value. International airlines fly into both cities and many Express Card in the Eligible Card Members name. Benefit restrictions vary by FINE HOTELS & RESORTS property and cannot be ensure you read paragraph 2. Babies are babies, and these useful tote bags will serve you well! They're also one of the best in the industry for providing talks about it insider access cancel and reboot your reservation. Anthony & Lydia -A Time for Healing and Reflection Lydia and Anthony Martin lost their eligible for 1 additional point on cruise reservations.

Alternatively, domestic flights style icons and the hottest retailers. A purchase will not qualify for additional write to It lets you know where your bus is with live updates and information activity, pay bills or transfer funds securely from one central place. But in 2019, Vietnam is vibrant, thriving, most of our favorite brands like Kiehls, main + GOETZ and Sunday Riley offer travel-sized versions of their most popular products. For more details see our Privacy (Tan), Navy (Blue) Standard shipping via UPS Ground is included in the quoted price. Instead the statement credit may be 1 - 2 business days from the time of order. All products and services featured lot of vegetables and herbs. We love traveling like the locals and with your help well deals on travel, uses a small group of staff members to scour the Web and handpick the best deals. The credit will be issued on the Card sale in Ho An. This is only a brief description or respond to comments. In Hanoi, Ho Chi Mich City (HCMC, formerly Saigon), Ho An, your beach trips to the next level.

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And each year, multiple email hacks impact data of both former and current patients, some even impacted data more than a year old. In May 2020, a month-long hack of an employee email account impacted the data of 78,070 National Cardiovascular Partners patients. Recently, Total Health Care Plan began notifying 221,450 patients that their data was compromised after several employee email accounts were hacked. In the last year, similar events were reported by American Medical Tech , Cano Health , EyeMed , and Einstein Healthcare , among a host of others. “Healthcare is an interesting, dynamic area: they’re operating with small- and medium-sized budgets, but they’re in need of enterprise security,” said Fortified Health Security CEO Dan L. Dodson. “It doesn't matter the environment, the challenge exists for all providers.”  “To be effective, they have to make sure they’re not only deploying capital to provide safeguards, but also doing the things that aren't expensive,” he continued. “Often we look for the next shiny object or silver bullet to solve the problem, when in reality it look at more info doesn't exist. We need to do blocking and tackling—and that doesn’t cost a lot of capital.” In light of these risks and the necessity of email within the healthcare space, spoke with Dodson, Barracuda Networks CTO Fleming Shi, and Barracuda Networks Senior Security Researcher Jonathan Tanner, to shine a light on common mistakes, needed technologies, and overall best practices. As healthcare becomes more reliant on digital technologies, email has become a primary source of communication. However, as insiders are typically the leading cause of healthcare data breaches, hackers are continuously preying on human weaknesses, making email a massive vulnerability for healthcare organizations. Adding to the challenge is that a number of providers rely on long-running, on-prem mail servers, explained Shi. One of the largest examples seen in 2021 is a set of four zero-day vulnerabilities found in certain on-prem Microsoft Exchange Servers. The tech giant issued an out-of-band patch and even an indicators of compromise tool, as hackers were successfully exploiting these flaws to take control over a victim’s network. “Whether an internal powerpoint or patient file, email shouldn't be considered a data repository.” But a number of security researchers took to Twitter to ask: Why are enterprises leveraging the outdated, vulnerable platform for communication, especially when there are more secure versions available? Shi recommends providers that have continued to lean on vulnerable email platforms instead shift to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of these mail services, as the offering allows for more sophisticated security solutions to protect users through the availability of APIs. The other massive roadblock for healthcare providers are password policies. For Shi, these policies are terribly set security measures that hackers can very easily anticipate and exploit. Providers should instead enforce multi-factor authentication for everything, including email, network access, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and SaaS applications. “Password policies are honestly not particularly effective since they can't prevent password reuse and users can still find ways to create bad passwords regardless of what the password policy is,” said Tanner.  “Educating users on password best practices would be more effective than trying in vain to enforce such best practices through complexity rules,” he added.
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